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in japan, the president of the fukushima nuclear plant is in the hospital. while the situation at his plant is getting worse. >> that's one of the stories making news this morning at 6:13. right now, the level of radiation in seawater near the plant is at its highest level. 3300 times the normal level. sea water is being pumped in constantly to the nuclear reactor to keep them cool but that water is then making its way back out to sea. >> the faa is investigating a deadly small plane crash in michigan. three people died when the single engine piper went down in the city of monroe. it appears the flight originated in bedford, pennsylvania. >>> the crew of the space shuttle "endeavour" is at the kennedy space center including mark kelly, the husband of wounded congresswoman gabrielle giffords. the launch is scheduled for april 19th. >>> in this morning's health alert, spices with disease- fighting benefits. the doctor is a family physician. she integrates natural remedies in her practice. she touts the cancer fighting powers of tum eric. it can be added to your diet in all kinds of ways. >>
happening today now. a fund-raiser for japan. the national cherry blossom festival is inviting the public to stand with japan and raise money for the red cross. it begins at 6:30 at sylvan theatre in southwest then it heads to the tidal basin. >> this morning, arlington county will receive a september 11th pentagon stone. the indiana limestone was damaged in the terror attacks. it will be presented in honor of the arlington fire department's actions on that day. >> today is dorothy irene height day. it honors the virginia native. dr. height died last year. today would have been her 99th birthday. >> we're following breaking news out of prince george's county. one person is dead after a shooting. >> this is a confusing chain of events. surae chinn is following it for us. she joins us live on the phone. she's going to run down what we know so far. surae, over to you. >>> mike and andrea, we do have multiple parts to this violent morning but this may have all originated in district heights, maryland. so, we're heading to the 2900 block of victory lane right now. two men, we're being told, ha
this morning on the disaster in japan. repairs at the damaged nuclear plant are now on hold because of some new concerns about radiation contamination. japanese officials now believe one of the reactors may have been breached and that could allow an uncontrolled amount of radiation to escape into the air and the ground. elevated levels have already been found in milk, sea water and vegetables. so far, 10,000 people have died from the earthquake ask the tsunami. >>> last night, people here in d. c. offered their support to japan. they took part in a fundraising walk and vigil among the cherry blossoms on the national mall and tidal basin. the trees of course were a gift from japan. all the proceeds will go to the american red cross fund for japan and donations will be accepted at the national cherry blossom festival beginning tomorrow. >>> the district gained the nickname chocolate city in the 1970s for its thriving black population. but as some bloggers put it this morning, the district might be turning into more of a mocha metropolis. according to the 2010 census, the number of black d. c. res
will get the awards this year. >> while you slept, new developments in the disaster in japan. >> right now, black smoke is coming out of a reactor at fukushima nuclear plant. workers have been evacuated for now. >> radiation is being found in the tap water in tokyo. it is twice the level of what's considered safe for infants, this morning, the death toll sits at 9300. thousands more people are still missing. japan's nikkei index stock market fell more than 1.5% in trading today. the european markets are slowing it down so far. >>> now to the latest on the war in libya. moammar gadhafi is gone on libyan television denouncing coalition forces and he's promising victory to his people. earlier this morning, day five of planes enforcing a no-fly zone over libya where explosions heard in the skies over the capital of tripoli. we're told in the coastal city of misrata, forces continue to attack despite the no-fly zone. president obama outlined america's involvement in this action. >> our first task right now is to shape the environment so that gadhafi's forces can't attack his own people. maintai
of aftershocks in japan. i plotted down here. out of any -- i don't have any other information other than the magnitude of the aftershocks. this was about an hour ago, our time. and that's not that far. 6.4. that's pretty hefty. the stronger one, the 6.6 further out to sea. they had another aftershock above 6. this one has come across in the last 20 minutes or so. we'll get information on that. they still have -- by the way, everything plotted here is a magnitude 6 or higher we're looking at. these are strong aftershocks. our bus stop forecast, good news for you this morning. we've got clear to partly cloudy skies. it is chilly. temperatures in the mid 40s to upper 50s in our southern suburbs at the bus stop. sunrise at 7:09 setting about 7:20. 49 degrees at 8:00. we'll see more sunshine midday and a few more clouds moving in late this afternoon and this evening. we top out in the low 60s. mid-60s west and southwest of town. a decent day ahead. we've got some rain. going to return tonight and be on and off here tomorrow even through thursday morning when we could still have
. >> this morning, officials in japan say the situation near the fukushima nuclear plant is "very grave" because toxic plutonium is seeping out of it. >> it is one of the stories making news at 6:13. a few small but highly toxic spots have been found outside the plant in northern japan. now, it is not a direct risk to people but back-up suspicions that radioactive water is leaking out. it is believed three of the six reactors there have suffered at least a partial meltdown. >> the rally in syria follows antigovernment violence that's broken out in recent weeks. a crackdown last week left dozens of people dead. >> a judge in wisconsin could decide today whether the new law eliminating state workers collective bargaining rights went into effect or not. the governor says it has because it was published but union leaders say it hasn't because of a court order against it. >> chances are in the last few weeks, either you or someone you know has started sneezing and sniffling and dealing with red eyes. >> we all know about the allergens to ragweed, the allergies to ragweed, mold and pet dander. >> i'm
now. >>> now to the disaster in japan. the united nations nuclear agency is questioning if the evacuation zone around the fukushima nuclear plant needs to be expanded. higher radiation levels have been found in a village 25 miles away. right now, the voluntary evacuation zone is 19 miles out. we've also learned today that the radiation in sea water near fukushima is 4300 times the legal limit. 24 hours ago, it was 3300 times higher. signs that japan's economy getting back on its feet. nikkei jumped a half a percent at its highest level since the march 11th disaster. among the gainers, pepco, the company which owns the fukushima plant. >>> new this morning, another round of problems for d.c. councilman marion barry. "the washington post" reports barry is driving a silver jaguar. the problem, it has inactive tags and isn't registered with the dmv. records obtained by the post shows the plates belong to the bmw barry used to drive. he just moved those plates on to the jaguar but never bothered to tell the dmv. a barry spokesperson says the dealer misplaced the new car's tit
in the case so far. >>> we turn our attention to japan. scary moments overnight there. a 6.5 magnitude aftershock hit eastern japan and prompted a tsunami alert there. there was no wave however. there were no immediate reports of damage either. of course japan is still realing from the march 11th quake and tsunami, it's believed 18,000 people died in that disaster. >>> the natural disaster triggered the explosions and a radiation leak at the fukushima nuclear plant. some of that radiation is making its bay to the united states. very small traces of radiation have been found in maryland and virginia. state officials in both places stretch there is absolutely no reason for us to be concerned. the amount found is less than what is used in an x-ray. there have also been small traces of radiation found in rainwater in pennsylvania and massachusetts. >>> it will cost you more to take a taxi in d.c. starting today a cab ride will cost an additional dollar. mayor vincent gray authorized the extra charge this weekend to help taxi drivers are soaring gas prices. people we talked to were not real
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8